I Needed a Criminal Lawyer

If anyone would have asked me even a few months ago if I would ever need a criminal lawyer, I would have laughed at them. It was just ludicrous to even think about because I am the furthest thing from a criminal. I attend church, I volunteer at the animal shelter, and I love my job as a nursery school teacher. I was out with some friends a few months ago though, and we each had a few glasses of wine with our meal. I didn’t think anything about driving afterwards, because I knew enough time had passed.

When I saw the red lights behind me, I pulled over, still not thinking I had done anything wrong. The policeman asked me if I had been drinking, and I confessed to having a few glasses of wine earlier in the evening. He gave me a sobriety test, which he said I failed. I was humiliated and in disbelief, because I honestly did not see how that was even possible. I called my husband who came and picked me up, and then we found a criminal lawyer who would help me clear my name.

I knew that I had only had a few glasses at least 90 minutes before I had left the restaurant, and my friends as well as the restaurant staff all vouched for that too. The criminal lawyer was a true blessing to us, because he was able to get all charges dismissed. It ended up that the equipment was at fault, but it took a legal professional to challenge the police department before my voice was even heard in the matter. I am still embarrassed over what happened, and I will not drink even one glass of alcohol when I am out now. I am just thankful that I live in such an understanding community!